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What is Flipsnack?

Flipsnack is a fun way to create a digital flipping book with your information. This could be used for a literal book creation where students are writing a story, but it could also be a different presentation tool. It is particularly cool because you an add hyperlinks and video right into your flipbook online! It is actually very easy to go from Google Slides or PPT to flipsnack! You could even use it as a n alternative to the way you give students access to notes that you presented in class.

How does it work?

All Flipsnack needs from you is a PDF. If you can turn it into a PDF, you can create a flipsnack.

1- Visit Flipsnack at https://www.flipsnack.com/

2- Create an account/Sign in

3- Click the Blue "Upload to PDF" button

4- Upload a pdf, multiple pdfs, or photos

5- Use the options on the left to customize your publication, title it, and all that jazz

6- Use the edit button at the bottom to add pdfs, video, buttons, and other interactive elements to your flipbook, making it interactive!

6- Publish!

How does this fit the 5Cs?

This is a great tool to use for creation. The next time you assign a project and you want kids to present to the class, give them some different options of tools to use. Let them decide which one they like best. Give them a strong rubric that covers primarily the content of the presentation (though you can include points for presentation as well, just keep the wording generic enough to work with various tools). I would be happy to provide you with a list of tools that you can share with them, tailored to your project needs.If the kiddos are creating and you are giving them choice of tool, you could apply for a CREATIVITY badge!