Adeel A.

The <Golden Rule>

This is the same principal as the real golden rule. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Any questions?

Everyone is respected

The beauty of the internet is its a world of opportunity for anyone. Respect everyone no matter their age, gender, race, etc. Also be especially careful to respect people when you are using email.

Search before you send

Search the meaning of a phrase or word that you are not sure about before you send the email, post, or reply to ensure respect for yourself and others.

Use as intended

Use the correct format for the situation. Ex. Use twitter for short, informal, and public messages.

[no subject line]

Make sure to use an appropriate subject, title, or description of what you are sending.


Sorry wrong numb- I mean email

Make sure you are sending to the correct person. ALWAYS double check the handle, address, etc.

Plagiarism not intended

Always site your source(s) for an opinion or idea. BTW, It doesn't matter that you "didn't know". Ignorance is not a valid excuse.


No firewall or or security program can stop a determined person from tracking you through your rude/offensive/suspicious/inappropr.... Comment.

Stay safe kids

Don't send ANYBODY any private info such as full name, DOB, passwords, etc.

Stupid Autocorrect

Read your message or email before sending it for spelling, factual, and other mistakes.

Honesty is the best policy

It's easy to lose your trust in real life and even easier on the internet.