By: Andrew and Amy

mission statements/values and name of CEO

mission statement: "bringing sweet moments of Hershey's happiness to the world every day."

values: Hershey's values tells a truthful story. Hershey's a worldwide and diverse team managing with truthfulness, working together, establishing to make a difference.

CEO: John P. Bilbery is the president and chief executive officer of Hershey's.

Products of Hershey's

Hershey's is well known for:

• kisses

•almond joy/ mounds


•kit Kat

•Reese's Peanut Butter Cup's


Opportunities within the company.

• there's a lot of traveling with some part of the of the job.

• work with very talented people.

• working with different cultures and giving back to the global community.

• carrying out many missions within the company.

• working with a iconic and unique heritage company.


A chocolatier is a chocolate maker which designs and makes candies.

skills: the types of skills needed for this career is artistic flair and technical expertise to blend different types of chocolates with different ingredients to make different designs

Education: going to a culinary school helps with knowledge to this career. The degree needed is a associate's degree.

Salary: The average Chocolatier gets paid about 21,000-25,000 dollars a year with the career and more based on the experience and location where a chocolatier is station at.