Assistive Technology


What is "Assistive Technology" ? There are many types of "Assistive Technology". On your PC, under settings, is an Ease of Access, this setting has number of items that can help with e.g. Magnifier: to enlarge items on the screen for the visually impaired, Closed Caption: for the hearing impaired, and Narrator: a screen reader that reads all the elements on the screen, just to name a few.


Narrator reads aloud the text that appears on your screen and describes your desktop and any windows you have open. You can also have it read aloud what you type, it will also announce events that happen on the screen, such as dialog boxes or instant messages that may appear on your screen. This can be a valuable tool for anyone, from the elderly to the very the very young. This tool can also be helpful for people/children that do not have a disability, with learning a new language, teaching young children to read, the possibilities are endless!
Below is a video on how Narrator can be useful...
Assistive Technology: Opening Doors to Independence
If I have a student(s) that have difficulty with reading or might learn more from using narrator, then I would recommend for them open narrator on their computer, tablet or phone.
Here is how you would get started: