Overcoming the adversities of life


Perseverance means never giving up when the going gets hard. This also means that when you are hit with adversity you get back up.

Jackie Robinson, Batting for equality: Sequence

First, Robinson was asked by Branch Rickey if he had the guts to compete in Major League Baseball against the other teams and racism. Second, Robinson answered with a yes and signed the contract to play in the MLB. Then, Robinson started the season by striking out 50 times in the beginning of the year. He had resilience through this adversity because it didn't stop him from scoring 50 home runs. He also was awarded rookie of the year. Then, he played the year with being the most talked about player. After Robinson played in the MLB for about two years when finally more blacks started to join. Finally, there were tons of black players in the MLB and African - Americans took up a good number up in the stands. These are the series of events that occurred for blacks to play baseball.

Eleanor Roosevelt's accomplishments: Cause and Effect

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Lady Jags shooting for triumph: Problem Solution

At Carroll County in Tennessee the unemployment rate is at a total of 15% and the poverty rate is at a total of 12%. Within Carroll County there is a correctional school called Carroll Academy, the kids in Carroll Academy misbehaved in some of way to get court judged there. At Carroll Academy they have a girls basketball team called the Lady Jags, in this team they teach the girls basic basketball skills and then put them out there. Some of the girls on the Lady Jags have done drugs, assaulted someone, and ran away from home to get in the school. Some of these girls also had drug abusive parents or they just hated coming home to a rat infested house. The solution to the problem was the basketball team by not only giving them a family but the courage to push through the hard times. The reason the basketball team was so hard was because they never won. They have a 212 losing streak and have won 6 games in the past 14 years but they stayed humble. This is also the solution because they learn what it means to be together, so when they go back to their original school they are an entirely different person.

The difference between Winston Churchill and Barack Obama: Compare and Contrast

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Robby has a disease but that doesn't bring him down: Description

Robby Novak is best known as kid president. He is a tough and optimistic kid. He has a life-long chronic condition called osteogenesis. It is a rare genetic bone disease characterized by a lack of normal collagen needed to form strong bones. The result is frequent bone fractures, sometimes for no apparent reason. Robby has endured more than 70 different bone breaks. Despite these adversities, he remains optimistic and will never stop being a kid or remain idle. He doesn’t care how the disease affects his daily life, he still makes weekly videos telling people to recognize the good things in life. He has to get monthly infusions that will gradually make his bones stronger. He also still helps and plays with his sister (she also has the disease) and they do almost everything together. Kid President once said “the time to be awesome is now”. This shows, that Robby will always have this disease but it will never keep him from venturing out in the world to do what he wants to.

When times get tough think of these great people and never forget their stories. Their stories are inspiring and will help you reach your goal in no matter what position. This is what defines perseverance