The Great Oregon Trail

By Katelyn

Discovery's and Explorers

President Thomas Jefferson sent out a party of people for a secret mission.

Jefferson chose his old neighbor to go and go spy. His name was Meriwether Lewis.

In 1805 Lewis and Clark arrived at the pacific.

Jumping Off

In reality no one died of cholera when they were in St. Joseph that one year.

In the middle of April right outside the Independence was crowded with campers and sometime three miles worth of it.

When it was time to go everyone wanted to go. The emigrants were worried about being attacked by the Native Americans.

The emigrants traded rifles, clothing, and tobacco for horses or food. first, it was really crowded around there.

The Route West

They had to travel for 2,000 miles for longer than 6 months.

The Oregon Trail went through Snake River until they reached Columbia.

The first emigrants that went to Oregon came by ship before the trail was established.


The oxe was the most gentle animal and dose not run off.

The problem was that oxen were slow. They only went 2 miles per hour.

They did not use mules because they did not want to spend a lot of money.

The mules also had a problem. There cantankerous disposition.

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They had to eat burned bread and bacon for breakfast.

There was no cure for cholera while they were on the trail.

At 5:00 they start there day.

They traveled for 15 miles a day and for nearly 6 months.

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Fun Facts

Some people wanted to make a wind wagon.

For a fact it was Rufus Porter.

Even though the idea was grand, it never got off the ground.

Some people spend $100 for a glass of water.

Some people did in the middle of the desert.

The kids used buffalo chips for Frisbee's.

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My Travels On The Great Oregon Trail

Dear Journal,

Today my mom and dad told me we were going to to a much better place with lots of land and space. I am so exited! My brothers of course did not know what they were talking about.

Dear Journal,

Today is the day! We are going to start are journey! My mom said it was going to take 2,000 mile to get there. But we are kids so we are probably going to ride in the wagon. 2 hours! We just started the journey and we have to WALK! And we have to to only bring ONE THING! And we have to travel for 16 MILES A DAY.

Dear Journal,

Today we had to go back home and get food because we already ran out of food.

Dear Journal,

Today we did are 1,000th mile. My days are not fun. We have to help set up tents and camps. I am old enough to go hunt. My brothers play with buffalo chips. My mom would not let me write until today. My mom just told me that i had to throw this away because it is all torn up. This is my last entry.

Thing You Will Need

1. You will need Lots of food on the Trail

2. You will need many clothing for your hole family or group.

3. You will need a gun to go hunting for food when you run out.

4. You will need a lot of spare things for your wagon like axles wheels and a lot of other things.

5. You will need oxen horses or mules

6. You will need medicine for sick people

7. You will need lanterns to see in the night

8. You need to have a wagon to carry your supplies