ESD 113 Online Book Study


Meet The Instructor

My name is Nicole Swenson and I am an adjunct instructor with Educational Technology Support at ESD113.

I can be reached at or, if it is a general question about this class, you may choose to use the online class forum: Questions for the Instructor.

The Online Environment

Our online environment is the interface of OpenClassroom (OCS), which has a MOODLE backbone and is very linear and sequential. You are able to view nearly the entire course in the beginning. This can be an advantage. If you would like to learn more about the environment we are using online you can look around at the OpenClassroom server website:

Participant Expections

The very best thing about online professional development like that with which you are about to begin is that it is VERY flexible and you can do your learning anywhere, anytime. Similarly the most challenging aspect is that it is on your own time and that can be difficult for most of us with so many of life's distractions just a 'text' or phone call away.

I will look for your participation on a regular basis. If I haven't seen you log in for a while, I will begin to tap on your shoulder, virtually of course. My best advice for you is to login to this class at a regular time a couple days a week. Some of you may want to finish quickly. While that is possible, it is most rewarding to post to forums and enter into the online discussions with as many of the participants as possible giving thoughtful responses to their ideas and receiving them for your own.

Online learning is only as valuable and worthwhile as the time and written participation you contribute. These forums are set up for a professional exchange and dialogue. This can only be successful with regular attention and participation on your part. If you don't login regularly and participate, the experience will lack the excitement and interaction that can be most rewarding for you and your fellow participants.

Getting Started

The website to sign in is: (no www at the start of it).

Your individual login is your first initial along with your last name. Your password is openup.

If you ever need me to reset it, just let me know by e-mail. I can easily reset it for you.

Please make sure you go into EVERY assignment and take all polls.

For information about other online book studies, check out the ESD 113 website:

We're here to help you.

For immediate assistance, please contact Debbie Hale or Lynne Forbush at the ESD Monday through Friday 8-5 by phone.