Women Of Influence News Series

Female Power Brokers Sought For Exclusive Showcase

One Million Woman Link Up Participants Showcased on WomenPartner.org's Network of Women's News Bureaus

WomenPartner.org is putting together the Women Of Influence news series to showcase the women participating in its One Million Woman Link Up so they can expose their companies to each other in a professional manner. The series will showcase women owned businesses on 6 continents on WomenPartner.org's network of 140+ women's news bureaus.

The One Million Woman Link Up is a movement that is assembling serious business women under one “roof” to do one thing — tap into LinkedIn’s network of 130+ million female members to build an engaged following for their LinkedIn Company Page so they can attract new clients and cultivate collaborative business relationships. Women can join the movement for a low one time fee.


WomenPartner.org is adding a VIP registration level, Female Power Broker, to the One Million Woman Link Up movement for women are doing BIG things in 2014 and making a name for themselves. Women who would like to utilize the collaborative movement as a PR tool to fill the seats for their conferences, sell out their telesummits, double their membership drives, boost their book sales, etc., can step out from the crowd on LinkedIn by getting involved at the Female Power Broker level.

The level's availability is correlated to the list of sites that make up WomenPartner.org's network of 140+ women's news bureaus and limited to just one per site. The news sites will chronicle the activities of the One Million Woman Link Up participants throughout 2014. The network includes a site for Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, Caribbean, New Zealand, South America and Canada along with one for each US state and select metros.

Let the participants of the One Million Woman Link Up know you have arrived and that they can watch your rise to the top.

By getting involved in the One Million Woman Link Up level at the Female Power Broker level, you will get a 5 piece sponsored feature in the Women Of Influence debut series.

  • You will be able to share your business start up story (200 – 300 words) to connect with likemind women and inspire others;
  • You will be able to publish a tip article (200 - 300 words) to display your expertise;
  • You will be able to spotlight your top female clients (200 – 300 words) to provide them with PR as thanks for their commitment;
  • You will be able to publish a press release to provide a preview of what the business world can expect from your company in 2014 (200 – 300 words);
  • You will have a full page ad spot to promote all of your products and services;
  • You will be given a 160×600 static display ad spot for 6 months that is visible on every page of the news bureau for your area.


Content and full page ad will remain in place permanently whereas the display ad will expire after 6 months. The package is valued at $500. It will cost you ONLY $100. Email jerrilynnbthomas@womenpartner.org to see if your area is still available only if you are ready to lock in.

Additional Perks For Being A Part Of The One Million Woman Link Up At The Female Power Broker Level

  • Full page directory listing on WomenPartner.org.
  • Complimentary participation in one monthly virtual mixer in which they are placed in a niche networking room to collaborate with complementary women to work on joint marketing projects to advance your 2014 business goals. Receive a 50% discount on any subsequent events. Pay $10 instead of $20.
  • Invites to participate in special joint projects with WomenPartner.org.
  • Access to support forum to get help with their LinkedIn company page and build a following as well as submit questions about marketing, advertising, PR, financing and more for our Ask the Experts Roundtable panelists to answer during their monthly sessions.
  • Access to sub groups (Project Workspaces) on the One Million Woman Link Up LinkedIn group to collaborate on marketing projects designed to help you cross pollinate your connections and grow your female client base.
  • Inclusion in a public database of women owned LinkedIn Company Pages.

Get Involved In the One Million Woman Link Up Today At the Female Power Broker Level Before Your Area is Taken! Email jerrilynnbthomas@womenpartner.org to see if its available. Serious inquiries only. Spots will not be held for more than 24 hours.

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WomenPartner.org creates large scale collaborative projects designed to help business and professional women cross pollinate their knowledge and contacts so they can grow their female client base in Atlanta, Paris, Sydney and every other major city around the globe using the local resources already in place.

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