The long journey of George & Lennie

George & Lennie adventures

George and Lennie have known each other for a long time Lennie is a tall strong man but he’s a little bit slow. George on the other hand is smart not as big as Lennie but they somehow know how to stick together no matter what. They both worked in a town called weed Lennie loves touching soft things and when he starts he doesn’t know how to stop. There was this girl with a nice soft dress all Lennie wanted to do is touch but he scared her and ripped her dress. She went to go tell the other men so George and Lennie had to run to the next town to found work even though George didn’t do anything but their friendship was so close that he had to go with him but when they went to the other town called Soledad the same thing happen but this time Lennie wouldn’t let go of the boss sons wife and actually broke her neck and killed her. George didn’t want to have to do what he did but the other men were going to kill him so George had to kill him for Lennie’s own well being.

Gender roles

Shakespear's julius Caesar can be viewed as sexist because if the role genders play in the play. Women are portrayed as weak, irrelevant and emotional characters. while the men are portrayed are independent, strong-minded individuals. a perfect example would be when calpurnia didn't want caesar to go because of the dream she had. although calpurnia seemed very worried, Caesar still disregarded her wishes.she even states that "yet now they fight me, there is one within." This symbolizes how the women are shown as irrelevant.another example of unequal gender roles would be portia ( Brutus wife) harming herself because she didn't want him to get caught. in that part of the play she is shown as very emotional and weak. she even states that, " ay me how weak a thing, the heart of a women is!"