All About Me

Neyda Cruz

Things That Describe Me

  • Competitive
  • Lazy
  • Unique
  • Patient (sometimes)
  • Curious
  • Organized
  • Even-Tempered
  • Timid
  • Positive
  • Determined

images that move me

Who I am


Biggest Influence on me

My mom I want to be like here because she never gives up on anything

Favorite Book and Movie

I don't have a favorite book but i love graphic novels

My favorite movie would be twilight i never get bored of seeing it


“We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” –Ronald Reagan.
I haven't been to a place that has impacted me yet


Who am I you may well ask
I really wish I knew
If I am not myself at all
Then maybe I am you
To discover who I really am
Is really quite a task
Maybe I am someone else
Who wears a funny mask
I strive so hard to know myself
To discover the “real me”
My thoughts and feelings all confused
Yet still I cannot see
What makes me tick?
What makes me feel?
So very special and unique
My purpose in this glorious world
Is what I truly seek
I wish I could be creative, self confident and smart
Not quiet, shy and insecure
Emotional at heart
I wish I had the confidence to say what I really feel
Instead of fearing criticism
Uttering words that seem unreal
Why at times do I feel so alone
And just yearn for a friendly face
While at others I just long to be
In some far off distant place
With no one else to bother me
And disturb my rambling thoughts,
Until my conscience brings me back
To do the things I ought
And so I continue on my way
On this journey they call life
I try to do the best I can
Though at times the goings tough
I’ll do my part to refine the world
And make it a better place
By being “me” to my capacity
With each trial I have to face