Annalia Lupton Academic 4

Panama Canal

What is the Panama Canal? The French began working on the canal but, gave up and left it. Then the Americans came to finish the canal. The Panama Canal was built so it would be easier to travel across the Isthmus. It took about ten years for the Americans to finish the canal. The Panama Canal lets ships travel from the Pacific to Atlantic.

Amazon Rainforest Wildlife

How is the Scarlet macaw being effected by the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest? The Scarlet macaw are loosing their habitat to the destruction of the forest and people are spraying pesticides have also decreased the macaws population. Scarlet macaws are large, colorful parrots. They have mainly scarlet colored feathers but, also have light blue, yellow and sometimes green feathers. Scarlet macaws live in the humid lowland subtropical rain forests with open woodlands, river edges, and savannas. They also live in tall trees in forests and near rivers.


Mexico City's Environmental Concern

Environmental Concern Mexico City's Air Pollution

What is the problem with Mexico City's air pollution? Since Mexico City has such a big population there are lots of cars so those cars produce pollution. Also the Sierra Madre mountains surround Mexico City so the mountains trap the air around Mexico City. Some solutions to this problem are that the city is promoting public transportation or more buses, running tests on buses to run on cleaner burning fuels, and workshops to teach people about the environment. This is Mexico City's environmental concern.


Mexico Fun Facts

What are some interesting facts about Mexico? The official name of Mexico is Estados Unidoes Mexicanos or United Mexican States. The border between Mexico and the U.S. is the second largest border in the world. In Mexico, Mexico City has the highest elevation, and is the oldest city in North America. Mexico City is built over the ruins of a great Aztec city, Tenochtitla'n. Finally Mexico's size is 756,066 square miles, which is almost thre times larger than Texas.