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First, let me begin by saying that your already Fabulous and Thick (FAT), thus the title of this program. My aim is to help you to transition to just Fabulous. Why? While I believe that women are beautiful no matter what age, size, shape or color, I do believe that we all should aim to be fit and healthy, Girl, I want you to be the best you, you can be; mind, body and soul.

In today’s society, many people want instant gratification when it comes to weight loss. With current trends such as diet pills, juice fasts, and weight loss procedures, most people looking to lose weight hardly ever tackle the underlying issues of their obesity. Instead, these dieting tools/methods are used as band aids, quickly fixing the so called problem. Most people, who use these methods, wind up gaining the weight back within a short time span. It’s time to stop using temporary solutions to weight loss!

If you answer YES to ANY of the following questions the From FAT to Fabulous, All Natural Weight Loss Program is for you!

1) Do you struggle with your current appearance?

2) Is being overweight keeping you from feeling good about yourself and living your life to the fullest?

3) Are you repeating the same patterns and getting the same unwanted results?

4) Is food giving you the love, comfort and satisfaction that you desire?

5) Do you fear your only option is weight loss surgery or other surgical procedures to help you get a hold of your weight?

From FAT to FAB is an innovative holistic approach to weight loss taught by Author Anya Nicole Lindsey, MS H Ed., and CPT. Anya has lost over 120 pounds with diet and exercise. Through trials, tribulations and years of struggling with her weight, she has learned, developed and practiced holistic techniques that contributed to her weight loss success. A counselor by profession, Anya has helped youth in the Philadelphia area transform detrimental behaviors and embrace healthy, positive, lifestyles. Using some of these same techniques, Anya was able to transform her life. Join her as she shares the secrets to her all- natural weight loss.

Learn to envision and create brilliant health, and come to peace with your body. Learn to trust your body to give the results you are seeking and change your current relationship with food. Gain confidence inside and out that will generate the healthy mind, strong body that you are more than capable of having.

Your body is not separate from your mind, emotions or spirit. Long-term weight loss success comes from addressing the mental, emotional and spiritual causes first and the physical second. Having willpower, sacrificing and depriving yourself from the foods you love are not a part of good health or holistic weight loss. This program is designed to mentally help prepare yourself for a lifelong commitment to the healthy, fit body you’re in the process of creating. It is my belief that tackling your inner self will allow you to become aware of the negative energy/thoughts you have been subconsciously putting out is conflicting with your ability to succeed at becoming the absolute best you, you can be. It is only when you are aware of these thoughts/energies that you are able to let them go.

Pre Requisites:

1) An open mind and willingness to take responsibility for yourself and what you take away from this seminar.

2) The ability and courage to take control of your inner and outer actions.

3) A deep desire to drop the “dieter’s” mentality and embrace emotional freedom.

4) Willingness to respect and honor yourself and your priorities, both current and future.

5) A commitment to the program and completing all assignments. You may miss up to two sessions. You will be provided with all class recordings.

For a low introductory price of just $99, participants will explore topics that will help create, form and pave the way for permanent weight loss success. The lessons provided will help participants to get in the correct mindset of recognizing and transforming deeply rooted attitudes and beliefs about weight loss and their bodies that have caused them to struggle and prevented success in the past.

Topics Include:

1) Food Affairs: Identifying and Healing your Personal Relationship with Food.

2) Self Sabotaging Behaviors: Understanding Why Weight loss hasn’t worked for you in the past.

3) Letting Go: Embracing the future and Becoming the New You

4) From the Inside Out: Recreating a New, Healthy, Fit theme for your life

5) Food for the Soul: Falling in Love with Good Food and Good Habits.

6) Priorities, Priorities, Priorities: Putting and Keeping yourself and your Needs First

7) Staying Healthy and Strong for Life: Staying Focused, on Track and Being the Best You, You can Be!

8) Bonus Topic: The Ends and Outs of Exercising: A Cheat Sheet to the Body of Your Dreams!

Note: All of the above topics will be covered; however, subject matter may vary slightly from session to session.

What are the Benefits of the FAT to Fab Program?

Benefit #1

You’ll receive weekly From FAT to Fab lessons and assignments. At the end of the seminar, you will have a tremendous guide to keep you focused and on track to becoming the best you that you can be.

Benefit #2

Weekly tips to keep you focused, motivated, inspired and dedicated to your vision. You will also received weekly meal planning tips and recipes.

Benefit #3

You will receive via email, your own, Healthy Mind and Strong Body journal to record your goals, daily actions, thoughts, questions, successes and progress.

Benefit #4

Each session will be recorded and available to you as an MP3 download within 48 hours or each class; you can listen as often as you like.

Benefit #5

Unlimited email support from the FAT to Fabulous online community.

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Confessions of a FORMER Fat Girl By Anya Nicole

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