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11th Grade-Junior Edition

1st Day of School Info For 11th Grade Students

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The 1st Day Is Unique!

Dear Fife High School,

I am excited to welcome the class of 2023 to the campus of Fife High School! The 1st day of school for Juniors is Thursday September 2nd, but it is a late start for you. You need to be here at 11:40AM.

The first day is designed as an orientation day. In the morning on the first day we will be welcoming our 10th grade, in the afternoon we will have activities with your class. We stagger our start with each grade level reporting at different times to slowly acclimate everyone to being back on campus.

In person!

I'm so thankful that we will be seeing you in person. While we will not be able to do some of our traditional first day activities due to COVID rules, like an all school assembly, for example, we will still make the most of what we can do to make it a great first day experience. That said, I can tell you that this year's first day will be better than last years, which was spent in a 3 hour zoom session!

Please read all the information in this newsletter carefully so you have a complete understanding of what your first day will look like! I am beyond excited to get to meet you and welcome you to your high school adventure.

Get 'em Trojans!

Brandon Bakke


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What time do I start School on the 1st day?

11th Grade- Juniors

11th Graders begin school on Thursday, September 2nd and 11:40am.

Where do I go when I get to school? When you arrive just head through the red gates and you will see people greeting you and pointing you in the right direction. When you arrive you will head to your Family class where you will get a copy of your class schedule, meet your Family teacher, and learn about the rest of the day. Look in Skyward to see what your Family teacher and room number is before you arrive, but don't worry we will have people helping you out if you don't know that prior to coming.

What is Family class? Family is simply what we call our advisory period. You will have this same teacher for the next two years, which really helps you get to know this teacher really well!

Transportation, how do I get to school?

Juniors have late arrival on Thursday 9/2. If you can provide your own transportation Do NOT come to school until 11:40AM.

If you need to ride the bus in the morning, however, buses will be running on our normal bus schedule. Press this Link For Bus Route INFO. If you need to ride the bus on the 1st day please report to the cafeteria when you arrive on campus.

Student Drop Off: if you get dropped off it is important (especially with construction and with the new Elementary school now on site) that you drop your student off in the correct parking lot. See the image below.

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What should you bring?

  • We will be outside quite a bit, so be prepared for the weather.
  • Please meet dress code (see below)
  • Wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth.
  • Your lunch (unless you plan to get it from the school cafeteria)
  • The only other school supply you need for day 1 is something to write with.

What should you wear on the 1st day?

  • We will be outside quite a bit, so be prepared for the weather.
  • Please meet dress code:
  1. Undergarments must be covered at all times.
  2. Clothing will cover torso, midriff, chest, and backside, and have sleeves or straps;
  3. Drawings, tattoos, and accessories that display or promote negative messages (such as drug, gang, weapon, alcohol or drug, etc) are not permitted.
  4. Skirts, shorts, and holes in jeans/pants must not be any higher than the middle of the thigh

Lunch on the first day

You will be arriving after lunch on the 1st day, so you will need to eat at home prior to coming to school. The second day of school (Friday 9/3) is a regular day where you'd be eating at school. Keep in mind, you can bring your lunch or get school lunch which are again free for anyone this year.

Will I get a copy of my schedule?

Yes! 11th graders and new students will get a hard copy of their updated schedules in your Family class when you arrive to school at 11:40AM. Some students schedules have changed, so be sure to look carefully at your new copy.

Who is my counselor?

Counselors are assigned by your last name:

  • A-G John Weyerhaeuser
  • H-O Miranda Partridge
  • P-Z Lisa Hope

COVID Protocols

Click on the image below to see our Fife High School COVID protocols and regulations. Things like rules on masks, passing period, how class works with COVID, etc. The slides with the shield on them are the most pertinent for FHS students!

Meet Mr. Peterson- Campus Safety

Fife High School has a new staff member this year, Mr. Peterson. Mr. Peterson is a Campus Safety Officer. He is someone who you will probably see right away, and will be present on campus each day working with our students proactively helping us prepare and respond to any safety or security issues. Mr. Peterson will help monitor the campus, assist students, and help make sure everyone is going where they are supposed to go. When you see him, be sure to say hello!

Friday Night Lights Back To School Night Date Change:

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