Southview Public School

May 16th - May 19th

Reflect, Reflect, Reflect

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What is Your "One Thing"?

Around this time of year, minds are often in two places...heading towards June (preferably last date of June!) and September-the fresh start! These seem like the best two places to be, yet there are reasons to love May as well. The weather is finally (finally...finally...) starting to improve and some students/as well as adults, are enjoying more sunshine and outdoor air. May is also the perfect month to get the last stretch of best instruction into practice, while also thinking ahead about what we did well this year and need to continue to work on. A brilliant suggestion that was mentioned to me by a colleague was thinking about "One Thing". Instead of being overwhelmed by the numerous items we want to continue to do really well, and the wealth of information we are excited to dig into during spring/summer reading, why not focus on "One Thing?" This week's articles/graphics cover a variety of topics that could fit with your ONE THING. Being the collaborative group that we are, we could probably offer each other ideas and information about everyone's ONE THING. If interested, follow the padlet link below. It will lead you to a corkboard where you can post your ONE THING, as well as comment on other people's one things!
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How can our students be innovators like James Corden and Alanis Morissette? Take a peek at the hilarious video below!
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Upcoming Events

Monday, May 23rd- Victoria Day

Wednesday, May 25th- Grade 6 EQAO, SAC (6:30)

Thursday, May 26th- Grade 6 EQAO

Friday, May 27th- CI booked in library (12:30-3:30), Grade 6 EQAO, Paul's Pizzeria, Reid's Dairy Shakes

Monday, May 30th- Explore Workshops in Kindergarten

Tuesday, May 31st- Grade 3 EQAO

Wednesday, June 1st- Grade 3 EQAO

Thursday, June 2nd- Grade 3 EQAO

Friday, June 3rd- Grade 3 EQAO Wrap-Up, Volunteer Breakfast, Grade 1s to Gymnastics

Thursday, June 9th- Music Trip, Regional Track & Field

Friday, June 10th- Grade 8s to Riverfront Festival, Tiffany away, Hallford/Dupuis to Queen's Sports Days, Southview Choir Performance (Showcase Concert 2:15-3:00)

Monday, June 13th-Kindergarten to Pirate Park

Tuesday, June 14th-Milligan, Brown & Duchene to Camp Quin Mo Lac

Wednesday, June 15th-Vice Principal's Meeting

Thursday, June 16th-Grade 5 Field Trip to Kingston

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Learning Together, Embracing Differences

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Week Ahead

Monday, May 16th - (Day 3)

  • Equity & Inclusion Workshop (Christine, Carrie, Terri & Tiffany)
  • Teacher Candidate Meeting (12:45 in office-please send your candidates!)
  • Grade 6 Training for EQAO (Jenny & Jenn in library ~9:45)

Tuesday, May 17th - (Day 4)

  • Tiffany @ Staffing (am)
  • Discover Kindergarten in Limestone, 6:00 pm
  • J.G. Simcoe visitors for technology
  • Grade 3 Training for EQAO (Jenny & Jenn in library ~9:45)

Wednesday, May 18th - (Day 5)

  • Tiffany @ Principals' Meeting (all day)
  • Track and Field

Thursday, May 19th - (Day 1)

  • Tiffany @ Staffing (all day)
  • Paul's Pizza (Salad & Dough Sticks Day)
  • Intermediate Meeting (10:45 in library)

Friday, May 20th

  • P.A. Day (reporting)
  • Your choice of regular or high school hours :)
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