Great Apps for Elementary

A 2nd grade perspective

1:1 Classroom

While our technology may be old (think netbooks) my 2nd graders are using some great apps on a daily basis to help them become 21st Century learners. Graphite posted a list of tops apps for the elementary classroom and I was excited to see that many of the ones I use were on the list as well as a few new ones I need to check out!

  • My students use Edmodo on a daily basis as a part of our Blended Learning approach to instruction. Edmodo lets me post links to places I want students to view, gives them ability to post a reply and interact with other students as well as myself. I can post links to the IXL site where my students can use the interactive games to further their learning. IXL allows students up to 20 games per day without having to purchase the app. Students enjoy the challenge that IXL provides.

  • Read, Write, Think is a teachers dream for Language Arts lesson planning. Mini -lessons, Units, Graphic Organizers, Professional development and parent resources are well written and ready to use. Students can use the interactive Graphic Organizers to respond to reading or brainstorm writing and save to their Google Drive portfolio.

  • National Geographic Kids is perfect for Non-fiction lessons. Just today we were researching Reindeer to find out more about them. Videos, information and games make learning fun and exciting. I can post links in Edmodo directly to the page I want the student to work on that day.

  • BrainPop Jr is a great site for students. i use the videos to introduce a lesson, review for testing or reinforce a topic I have taught. The students love to play the games, read the pop a joke, I love the quizzes and vocabulary word wall. Teachers can also access the Brainpop Educator site for additional resources.

  • Flocabulary makes learning vocabulary fun! Students love to sing along while they learn. Songs, videos, and rap music....need I say more!!

  • This past year LearnZillion added 2nd grade content to their playlist. This FREE service is great for Blended Learning. This program is also one of the apps in the Edmodo store so access for students is just a click away. These short videos are great for students to review at home for additional support when needed.

Scratch, Arts Edge and Front Row are 3 apps that I have not tried with my class yet but plan to check them out!. Other apps that I have used are VOKI, GoAnimate, DreamBox, Storybird, eduCanon, SmartyAnts, RAZ-Kids, and Blendspace .