Secret Habits of a Millionaire

Save money and achieve financial freedom.

The First Habit of Self-Made Millionaires

Always be frugal, ALWAYS. Millionaires know how to save money. They will always opt to choose a used car to save money.

Self-Made millionaires know how to save money.

At an early age they get into a habit of regularly saving money and investing that money at an early age. Basically they self discipline themselves to live with less money per paycheck so they can live in luxury when they are older.
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Save money and love it.

Millionaires get out of the mindset that saving money is a burden, but rather a way of life that will make their future prosperous.
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Rewire your thinking and gain financial freedom.

To summarize the general mindset for these frugal people that so many idolize for making it big. They condition themselves to feel something akin to pain when they spend money and on the other side of the spectrum, pleasure, when they gain financial freedom.