Your Future to Investing

All you need to know, and more!

Ask Yourself, Why is Saving Important?

  • Helps the Economy- Your money helps expand your bank, banks then invest in capital goodies, which then in return helps the economy grow.
  • Helps you reach your goals- Setting aside money makes sure that you have money for your future wants, needs, and goals.
  • Helps you in hard times- The economy can change at anytime, saving money will ensure that you will have it if you get laid off, another Great Depression happens, ext.
  • Helps your Retirement- When you come to that time of your life that you tell yourself "I am ready to relax and go to Fiji" then you would start to wonder about your retirement fund. Your retirement fund will be made up of three sources called Social Security, Company retirement plans, and personal savings.

  1. Social Security is a government program that gives you money from tax paying workers.
  2. Company retirement plans is a plan that takes money out of your check and puts it into retirement investment accounts.
  3. Personal savings is an assort of plans that can be picked by you and you only.

What are Stocks?

Stocks are when the owner of a business sells parts of their company which makes the people who buy them shareholders. The shareholders now own that company.

Why do the people sell part of their business?

To get money of course! Stocks help the company spend the money to make it even bigger and better.

Now here comes a ton of weird and complicated terms that you do need to know.

Brokerage- is a company that buys stocks then sells them by hiring stockbrokers who help the company make and carry of decisions in the investment form.

Stock Market- where the buying and selling all happen.

Bear and Bull Markets- Bear Market is bad times for stocks and Bull Market is good times for stock.

The most important rule to remember if you go to buy a stock is DON'T put all of your money into it. Make sure to spread out your money and research the company first. Therefore if the company goes bad you won't lose a lot.

Investing, Easier than Ever!

Risk, Return, and Liquidity

Risk- The chance of losing money (in a stock)

Return- What you get back

Liquidity- An way to turn your assets into cash.

Spending your money is up to you...

I hope some of the ways I showed you will help to either save money for your future or help to make a quick buck.