Overview of the Web Development

A Brief Overview of the Web Development Technologies

Web pages are created for both personal and professional tasks nowadays, where the introduction of new tools and technologies has made the process of web development very convenient to use and easy to understand. The latest advances in technology are beneficial for both users and developers, which is proved by the increased number of websites and users of web services. The space provided to every user across the web is the main advantage of this technology over other technologies like radio and television.

The Evolution of Web Development

Initially, web services were purely meant for sharing of ideas at academic level only, while the web space was provided access to public users that resulted in the mixture of professional and personal websites. The growth of web pages at personal level achieved next level with personal pages for individuals including their basic information and personal photographs. After personal and professional levels, the sale of services and products on the web became popular. Various companies boomed up on the internet and this became a matchless place for promotion of business online.

The Process of Web Development

The Lifecycle of creation of a website begins with the evaluation and research analysis of the need of the website. Then the web design for the purpose is created. The design created by the designer team is evaluated and modified by the developer team. The development of websites is a specialized task that needs a complete understanding of the process and the end of the website is dependable directly to the developer’s team.

Development of websites is carried out by using different languages like HTML, Perl, Flash and others and these languages have similar logics like any other language used in this world. A web developer needs to have a full understanding of different languages and the involvement of tools and techniques of the process of web development. The process of web development of a website is a lengthy process that requires reworks and revisions of the designs. Generally design and redesign processes are both involved under the development services.

Role of Technology

Advancements in technology have made for making the process of website development more convenient and easy for a common person. A number of tools have been developed for making the process of website development easier like there are many websites developed to ease the process of developing.

AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) is the latest technique that is used extensively for developing interactive and unique web applications. It is a term related to the combined use of XML and Javascript techniques and has gained a lot of popularity among web developers. It helps make the website alive by adding more functionality to the website without the need of reloading of the complete website. This is done by the back-end processing of the activity requested, thus maintaining the speed of web surfing.

Other than AJAX, there are other services like Joomla, Magento and others having their own specialization. Many web designers including website designers in Bangalore use all the latest techniques to provide valuable and unique solutions related to web services.