Dunalley Public School bushfire

Need help now!!!!!!

Needing help

Dunalley Public school had been through a deep tragedy and to help them we would like to make them laugh. Hearing and making them laugh is the most important thing that ever happen to some one.


In our opinion we would like to help Dunalley Public school because they have been affected by a bushfire.They have lost everything and to help them we would like to put a smile on their faces. By doing that we would make a funny video clip.

Dunalley Public School had been through a tragedy and that they need their spirit lifted.This video clip would allow teachers and students to laugh and become happy.

In our point of view, we must help Dunalley Public school by making a funny video clip. This will allow them to forget about the past.

Being democratic

Working together

If we all work together Dunalley Public School would be opened back. Classes, building, fences, toilets, halls, canteen, library and staff room would be rebuild back to its usual. Tables, chairs, pencils, tray, rubbers, rulers and all the others staff would be needed if we all work together. Teachers and students would come back to their school with a smile on their faces.
Back to school!
With our help, we believe that Dunalley Public School would be opened back with smiles on each and everyone faces