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Your locat Tanning salon.

We are a smart tan cetified salon

Smart Tan's Tanning Operator Basic-Technical Certification, educational materials for tanning clients and promotional efforts for the tanning community are cornerstones of Smart Tan's service to tanning facilities. Smart tan is also making guidelines for tanning salons about service, tanning beds maintenance, and much more. Sunshine Tanning from day one was register by smart tan as a certified salon. To ensure a smooth operation and to benefit sunshine tanning's clientele.

Facts - Sunshine Tanning

The tanning salon was establish in 2000. We were one of 4 salons at this area. Currently we are the biggest salon in the area. We are known for our frequent lamps change, and for holding the highest variety of tanning accessories. FROM 2011 WE OFFER SPRAY TANNING AT OUR LOCATION. The first goal of the owners was to create a safe tanning environment for people who are looking to get a base tan before vacation, or avoid sun burns but still getting a tan, and for anyone who is lacking sufficient vitamin D levels. This days we see more and more people that were referred by their Doctors to go tanning for skin, bones and vitamin D problems. As well people that become aware of the benefits of base tan before a vacation to prevent sun burns.

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