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This metal, light, and triangular device is invented by Ola and Amal, it was invented Feb-3-2016. It's an MP3 player that you can listen to music and also play all kinds of games. You can buy them in any color, green, blue, red, etc... All music and games are free too, even minecraft. It charges in three minutes so you don't have to panic for hours waiting for it to be done.

As inventors, we recommend you to buy this product because, it can give you a positive way of enjoying yourself, and others. If you don't buy this product, your going to live the rest of your life with a broken screen. As a fact, this product does not cause skin cancer according to Amal, the inventor of this device.

So don't just sit here, you can call now. 567-373-2540 or go to our website:

This device is not real, just make believe

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