Corps of Discovery Exploration

By: Cameron Nuckolls

Meriwether Lewis

Meriwether Lewis was born on August 18, 1774 in Ivy, Virginia. He was an American explorer, soldier, politician and public administrator. Suddenly after his expedition he died due to murder or suicide. He lived a small life of 35 years. His death is still a controversy.
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York was William Clark's slave. He was born in 1770, no one knows what day but we know the year. He was granted his freedom about ten years after the expedition. Believe it or not he was not successful in business after being freed. He died trying to get back to Clark so he could work for him again. York died March 1831.
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Seaman was Meriwether Lewis's dog. This dog was used in the expedition. He was Lewis's best friend and they had to perform surgery on his artery in his hind leg. In early 1806 most accounts say he was stolen by an indian tribe. There is no remark of him since this account.
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Thomas Jefferson

  • Had private tutors till 1752
  • He had musical interests growing up including dancing, singing and playing the violin.
  • Studied mathematics and science his first 2 years of college.
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Nez Perce

Nez Perce is a Native American tribe that was located in northeastern Oregon.

  • For five months a small band of 250 Nez Percé warriors, led by Chief Joseph, held off a U.S. force of 5,000 troops. The Army tracked the Indians through Idaho, Yellowstone Park, and Montana before they finally surrendered
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MO River

  • the Missouri is 2,316 miles (3,727 kilometers) long.
  • At Three Forks, Mont., the Missouri proper begins where the Jefferson, Madison, and Gallatin rivers merge.
  • Largely frozen during the winter, the discharge of water at its mouth would decrease, but in April the melted snow from the prairies overflowed the river’s banks.
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  • Separating fact from legend in Sacagawea’s life is difficult. Historians disagree on the dates of her birth and death and even on her name.
  • It is believed that Sacagawea died shortly after giving birth to a daughter, Lisette, on Dec. 20, 1812, at Fort Manuel, near what is now Mobridge, S.D. Clark became the legal guardian of her two children
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Sgt. Floyd

  • Floyd's expedition journal was published in 1894.
  • On July 31, Floyd wrote in his diary, "I am very sick and have been for sometime but have recovered my health again." However, this apparent recovery was soon followed by a severe turn for the worse. William Clark described Floyd's death as one "with a great deal of composure" and that before Floyd died he said to Clark, "I am going away. Please write me a letter."
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Great Falls

  • Roughly 35,000 years ago, the Potomac River began carving out the Great Falls of the Potomac. The river cascades over a series of 20-foot (6.1 m) falls, falling a total of 76 feet (23 m) in elevation over a distance of less than 1 mile (1.6 km).
  • The steepest fall line rapids of any river in the eastern United States.
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Fort Mandon

  • The men staying at the fort try to establish friendly relationships with as many tribes as possible, and to prepare them for the arrival of United States traders to the region. They were also to claim United States territorial sovereignty over the land, which had been occupied by Native Americans for thousands of years.

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