New Planets!!!!

Slyke and Crore

NEW PLANETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There has been two new planets that were found. One is between Venus and Earth and the other one is between Mars and Earth.

About the planets

The first planet is a blue star. This planet is between Earth and Mars. The planets orbit is 66 AU. The mass is 3.5 km. There is volcanoes, plate movement, liquid, producers just like Earth. This planet is habitable to humans. We may start to move people there.

The second planet is a red giant. This planet is between Venus and Earth. The orbit is 5.2 AU, and 3.5 km. is the planets mass. This planet has liquid water, volcanoes, plate movement, and producers. Some of our population may also start to move there.

The Moons

There is one moon that travels around the Equator of Slyke (the planet between Earth and Venus). Also there is a moon that goes around the Prime Meridian and a moon that goes around the Equator of Crore (the planet that is between Earth and Mars).

Producers On The Planets

There is human and plant type life found on both planets, like earth. Also there is a low population of aliens on Crore.