20 Years from now


Before I even start to get my life together i want to first finish school and go to a good school so i can have a better eduaction. I want to go to law school so i can be a good lawyer. I want to go to law school so i can learn what i need to do in the court so i dont mess up and that way i can have more clients and make alot more money.

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I want to be a lawyer because they make very good money. An average lawyer can make $62.74 an hour but thats if youre a good lawyer. Even a decent lawyer can make more than $50,000 a year. So if i can be a good lawyer i could make twice that money a year which would be good for me and i would have no problems.

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Financial Goals

I really wouldnt want to over do it on the things im gonna buy because i dont want to get something i cant pay for or get mysekf in debt. I would just get a decent car like a range rover and normal house that isnt that expensive because i would want to save up my money so i can open up my own store. I would make much more money for myself and possible even for my family.


I would want to put my family first when i grow up. I dont want them to have to worry about money or anything. I want them to have everything they need so they can be happy especially my parents. I dont want them to work i just want them to relax at home and just them do whatever they feel like doing like going on a vacation or something like that.

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Retirement/Savings Plan

I would probably retire from being a lawyer but i would still like to keep the store i own running, so i wouldnt have to worry about money and i can just relax and not have to do any type of work. That way i can live a peaceful life with no worries.

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