Moanalua Village Newsletter

July 2014 - Vol. 4

Meet Our New Manager

Welcome to Carol Kunishima, our new Moanalua Village manager. If you'd like to contact Carol, call the office at 836-3383 or send a message to

Hawaiian Tel Internet Service

The Board has accepted Hawaiian Tel’s offer for free internet upgrade to fiber optics which will increase the speed from up to 7 mb to up to 25 mb for the remainder of the current contract, which is October 2015. Non-subscribers of Hawaiian Tel can choose to switch to Hawaiian internet at no cost. If you have a landline phone, and you do choose the fiber upgrade, your landline will migrate to fiber. The existing features of your landline will remain and so will your cost; however, in case of a power outage the battery backup service will last for 6 – 8 hours.

All existing phone cabling will need to be re-routed to a new box located near your TV. There may be instances when the wiring needs to be externally installed and covered with molding.

If you choose to upgrade to fiber optics, then a Hawaiian Tel technician will need access to your unit. Each resident has the option to upgrade to fiber.

An informational meeting with additional details will be held shortly. If you have questions, please email or call the office.

Be A Good Neighbor

Please be mindful of the volume of your music within your unit. Oftentimes, residents do not realize that the bass tone of their stereo system or their gaming system is causing reverberations/loud noise on the abutting unit. Please be sure to keep your music and/or gaming systems at a reasonable level.

Individuals using the Recreation Center should also be mindful of the noise level of their music and keep their entertainment at a reasonable level.

Work Around Moanalua Village

Pursuant to an inspection of each building’s roof, Moanalua Village has engaged a roofer to reshingle many of our roofs. The roofing project is expected to continue through mid August. The roof tops that were deemed to be adequate will be delayed.

In addition, new dumpster roof tops have been completed. The old ones were water-logged causing hazardous condition. If you notice any light bulb outages or broken sprinkler heads, please send a message to or call 836-3383.

Next Meeting of the Board of Directors

The next meeting of the Moanalua Village Board of Directors is scheduled for Wednesday, July 16th in the Recreation Center at 6:30 PM. All residents and owners are welcome to attend.

Board of Directors

Arlie McDaniel - President
Cindy Fukunaga - Secretary
Francis Miyazawa - Treasurer

Jonathan Lum - Director

Karl Pregitzer - Director

Richard Torres - Director

Dawn Walker - Director
Robert Verner - Director

On-Site Manager: Carol Kunishima/Phone: 836-3383/

Managing Agent: Al Schafer/Phone: 593-6857/

Security: Phoenix Security Hawaii/Phone: 988-7077