Technology Observation

What are the benefits to students using technology in the classroom?

I really like the use of Smart boards in the classroom, this allows teachers to do so many activities for all to see. From doing papers together on the screen, to going on websites for extra information on subjects. Also, very useful for brain breaks; which is very needed in the classroom. The IPads, seem to be a fun way of learning for kids, with games to play to expand knowledge. The laptops in the younger class that I observed (2nd grade) were used for the students reading tests and goals, it is a instant recognition on how well they retained the information in the book. With today's technology rising I'm impressed the knowledge that kids are already taking away from the use of technology, I believe some children know more than I do about technology, and it will be helpful for them in the future.

What is your favorite classroom technology? Why?

My favorite form of classroom technology is the smart boards, I love them. I think they are so useful and helpful for teachers and students. There is so much information on the internet that can add to a lesson, there are activities at your finger tips for kids of all ages.

What are the disadvantages for student use of technology?

I did observe some disadvantages to the use of technology in the classroom. There were numerous classrooms that the laptops weren't working, and if there is only five in the classroom, and two are unavailable it slows down the "center work". There are headphones usually with the laptops and IPads, and some of those weren't working.
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