Are vegans healthier then non-vegans?

Background info

The name vegan comes from a British man named Donald Watson, plus the Indian's make up 70% of the worlds vegans. In the western part of the world, females are likely to become vegans then men.

There are several types of vegetarians. The strictest type is vegans. Vegans avoid not only meat but also all animal products. they believe its the healthiest way to live. On the other hand being vegan dose not make you healthier than a non vegan.

eating only plants keeps the body from getting the essential nutrients

  • its really hard to meet the RDA requirement for lysine when your a vegan
  • Meats have the hightstest amount of protein per ounce
  • a 3.5 chicken breast has 30 grams of protein while 4 ounces of tofu only has 20 grams

finding vegan foods is difficult

  • there are only 2 vegan themed restaurants in Green-bay
  • Apple-bees has no vegan ontrays on their menu
  • well known fast-food restaurants like McDonald and Dairy Queen don't offer vegan foods

Reason 3: Do foods cost more?

  • The average amount of money for food a year is $47, 750 dollars a year