Fifth Grade Newsletter

February 7, 2016

Dear Parents:

Don't forget that students will not have school on Friday, February 12. Teachers will be involved in professional development activities.


Our test over The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe will be Tuesday. Students should have completed the review packet for Monday, and we will go over it in class. Wednesday and Thursday we will be working on some sentence structure activities, specifically looking at different ways we can use commas in our writing.

Social Studies

We have finished our unit on explorers, and will take a vocabulary quiz on Monday. Students have 12 vocabulary words that they are responsible for knowing. Next we start our unit on colonization!


This week, students will continue practicing their understanding of the Metric System and the U.S. Customary Unit System. Students will also work on understanding Volume.


We are still focusing on Matter. We started a poster on the states of matter Friday and will continue to work on it this week.

The students will have a quiz Thur 2-11

States of Matter Poster due Thur 2-11

Principal's Picnic

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Fifth graders have been enjoying the Principal's Picnic with Mrs. Meyer.

Girls on the Run Fundraiser

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County Spelling Bee

Best of luck to our spelling bee finalists as they travel to Harbor Springs to compete in the county spelling bee on Tuesday.


Mrs. Garver's Class: Library/Tech

Mrs. Muladore's Class: Music


The Fifth Grade Team

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