PAM Ixdo etc Update [Offshore]

Giving thanks for the past month !!

PAM Ixdo we: give thanks as prxyers are answered in Ixdo!!

In Indo each SDC continues to reach out, recruit, train, select and send.

I stand in awe as I read on our daily "WhatsApp" chat about what is happening at the grassroots level in each city.

I rejoice as how Gxd has meet Lxdya and Axdris at their point of need [grief] and how Lxdya continues to provide leadership, drive and vision to the overall movement of TM CP peoples.

Glxdya has stepped in alongside providing support on the admin front.

The steady flow of funds for which we are grateful underwrite the costs [travel/office/communication] of this volunteer mission movement.

FFF Auckland we give thanks as prxyers are answered in Auckland

So what is happening each week ?

Sundays for 4 hrs 13 Bel.... persons [6 MBB] and 35 + Mus Neig..... persons meeting to listen, discuss and share a meal together.

One bye one, as the Spirit moves each comes to understand who JC [Isa] is and the place they fit in their relationship with Gxd [Allah]

Alongside this weekly gathering flow a dozen or more cups of coffee, scores of sms and phones call as the core leadership group continues contact and relationship with 5+ of the attendees.

Gxd is doing a special thing in the midst of our city.

The group will multiply to several more such gatherings throughout this year.

Prxy for our weekly gathering. [I preach and lead]

Prxy for the multiplication processes. [I am facilitating this move]

Prxy for P&E [ISVNZ partners] who lead this venture.

Bruce and Robin on the home front

KICS continues to function well with more than enough work and ongoing new clients, yeah !!!

Health for us both continues to be strong.

We love and are engaged with our 3 grandchildren.

Robin is looking for a new job following a period of R&R from her overfull HoD role

We continue to prxy for our location for the coming 10 yrs of our life.

I prxy for a replacement [Dec 2016] in my role of FAC chair for ISVNZ

I prxy for a replacement [to appoint this year for 2017] PAM Director for when I retire from this role.

I prxy for the transition from FT to PT work/clients over the coming months/year

I prxy for some input into governance issues and schooling issues supporting the team in PAK. This will involve some in-country PAK stuff later this year.

It is in prxyer we see Gxd move on all fronts

The team who prxy behind what we are doing are the warriors who make this happen on a day by day basis.

It is in Gxd that we flow, "Mission is finding where the spirit is working and running alongside and being available"

That is what happens each day !!! thankyou.

The flow of funding enables this to happen. !!

Love to stay in touch, happy to drop by anytime, happy to meet and tell stories of Gxd's move in action.