Drowning Ruth

By : Christina Schwarz


  • Ruth- She is around three years old at this time. Ruth is the one that fell into the water with Mathilda.
  • Mathilda- She is the mother of Ruth. Mathilda is in her mid 40`s. She is the sister of Amanda and their relationship with eachother islike any other sister relationship would be.
  • Amanda- She is the aunt of Ruth and the sister of Mathilda. Amanda is usually at nursing school but lately has been feeling stressed out and not like herself. So she decides to take some yime off to see her sister and niece.
  • Carl- He is the husband of Mathilda and the father of Ruth. Right after Ruth is born, Carl decides to enlist in the army because he feels like there is tio much pressure with the baby and everything else.


I absolutely loved this book. It was confusing at first because the characters kept going back and forth so it was hard to keep track of who was talking. Throughout the whole book its Ruth growing up and then it goes back forth to what she remembers from her childhood. Towards the end though it gets interesting. Especially the part when Mathilda goes out and looks for Amanda and her baby. I wanted to keep reading and wanted to know if Mathilda and Ruth live or not from drowning. But other than that it was very good. I would most definitely recomend this book. Drowning Ruth is a book that you will want keep reading non stop.


Two of the characters in the book are Amanda and Mathilda. They are sisters who Iive in Winsconsin. Shortly after Mathilda marries Carl, Amanda leaves to go to nursing school. Then Mathilda and Carl have a baby girl named Ruth. After Ruth was born, Carl enlisted into the army.  Mathilda was not very happy about this, so she moves back into the old house her parents used to live in. Then all of a sudden, Amanda decides to take a vacation to go see her sister and niece. Soon later, Amanda gets pregnant and tries to hide it from everyone. So Mathilda told Amanda that she would adopt her. But when the baby comes, Amdanda takes her baby because she doesnt like the idea of how Mathilda would raise the baby. Mathilda runs outside to find them and trying her best to keep Ruth inside the house since it was very cold out. There was this really thin piece of ice and Mathilda, not knowing that it was there, starts to break. Mathilda and Ruth walk over it and they both go under. If you want to know if either of them survive, your going to have to read the book!


"Go back, Mattie!" My words were desperate now. I knew, even before the ice complained, that the two of them were too heavy for it to bear. And then the ice creaked. Scared, I stopped and stood still. Mattie heard it too. "Put Ruthie down!" I shouted, but the wind blew my words away. Matties voice, on the other hand, sailed right to me, as if she were screaming in my ear. "Mandy, please come back, come back to me!" I was frightened, then, with the ice creaking under me, too frightened to go on. I decided to go back. The moment I started, it happened, as it has happened every night since, whenever I close my eyes. The ice creaked and stopped my heart. Mathilda, with Ruth in her arms, lurched left and sank to her waist, then to her shoulders, and then they were gone, both of them, gone..................This was my favorite passage because it made me want to read more.  It was so detailed and so horrifying of not knowing if they live or not.  Whenever I read this, I can just picture the whole scene of whats happening. 

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