Up North

One of my Favorite Places to go.

"I deeply appreciate the people of Michigan. I love their grit. I love the way they face life. I love the family values they have."

By Ernie Harwell

Why it is one of the favorites?

It is one of my favorites because my some relatives of mine live up north. Also, there is the Cherry Festival, The Sleeping Bear Dunes, and Torch Lake are all up north. My Family will go up north every summer as a family tradition.
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The Cherry Festival

The Cherry Festival is a festival that is about cherry's taste and how it brings a health benefits to all people. There are about 150 activity's! (Not to mention but 85% of the activity's are free.) This is a celebration for everyone! So include yourself in the cherry community.
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The Sleeping Bear Dunes

The Sleeping Bear Dunes is part of a legend. The legend states that a massive forest fire drove out a mother bear and her two cubs to Lake Michigan. The bears swam for hours on end. As they swam, the cubs slowed down and were left behind. The mother bear climbed on a tall bluff to look for her cubs, but they had drowned along the way. The Great Spirit Manitou made two islands where the cubs had drowned and created a dune to represent the mother bear. The dune now is used for climbing and tourism.
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Torch Lake

Torch Lake is a beautiful lake. (Third in the nation.) This lake is popular for fishing. It is the longest lake in Michigan. The name of the lake was from the Ojibwa name "Was-wa-gon-ong." (Place of the Torches.) Then it was passed down and European settlers referred it to "Torch Light Lake" Which was eventually shortened to its real name.
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Thanks for Watching!

Thanks for reading my flyer about up north! I hoped you find this flyer useful. Up north is the best place to be in all year around. Click the button to find more about up north and its attractions!