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What are the halogens?

Halogens are all in group 7 and are on the right hand side of the periodic table.

Fluorine and chlorine are gases at room temperature, Bromine is a brown liquid and Iodine is a grey solid. Fluorine is a pale yellow and chlorine is yellow-green.

Fluorine is the most reactive halogen, and Iodine is the least reactive.

Halogen reactions

Types of reactions

The halogens all have similar reactions because the are in the same group in the periodic table

They react with metals to form 'halides'

The word halide means that the compound contains only metal ions and ions of one of the halogens.

Each halogen needs one more electron for it to have a full outer shell, so they all form ions with a charge of -1.

examples of halogen reactions:

potassium + bromine ---- potassium bromine

calcium + chlorine ---- calcium chloride.