Why Move to Rome?

The Pax Romana way of life is great for everyone!

More Land than Ever!

The empire has never stretched to so much land before, allowing you more opportunity for trade!

Road System

Although the road system was originally created for our soldiers, those travelling or on a trade route are free to use it to their convenience.
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The Kindest Neighbors

Due to this being a time of peace, our citizens can live a fear- free life, which means getting along and rejoicing with neighbors can be possible again!


One of Rome's proudest accomplishments of the Pax Romana era, our aqueducts now allow easy access to water!


Enjoy our new building advancements through the beauty of the Panthenon!
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No longer will you have to worry about you or your family's safety. The Roman Empire has the strongest military in the world that will keep you safe!

Functional Government System

Although it has taken us a while, we have finally created a functional government system that will rule us intelligently and keep Rome great!

Minimal Uprisings

Due to the fact that our government system works for everyone, there are almost no more uprisings because we have a system that works for the citizens!

Legal System

Along with the new government system, a new legal system has been developed that fairly judges and brings to justice those with legal issues.
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Expansion of Trade

Not only do we have a large trade selection because of how large the empire is, but we also have trading routes with areas outside of the empire to frequently trade with!

Flourishing Economy

Rome has never been so wealthy! Through trade expansion and agricultural advancements, Rome has come into a great deal of money that can help the empire and its citizens.
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Best of Each Civiliaiton

Rome takes many ideas from past civilizations on how to run our society, but we make sure to improve them! The Pax Romana period is full of these improvements!

Science and Medicine Advancements

With more time to focus on the sciences, citizens have come up with new advancements in science and medicine, helping you increase your health.


The new irrigation system makes it easier than ever to water crops and have a plentiful harvest!


Harbors have become a place of safe place for citizens to trade without fearing attacks from other regions.
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Rome is located in the heart of the Roman Empire, meaning you're also in the middle of new advancements and news throughout the rest of the empire. Trade is also made simpler because of Rome's central location.


New architectural advancements include arches and columns which can be seen in new buildings all around Rome!
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Literature and Poetry

Enjoy new works from those such as Horace, Livy, and Ovid!

Live in Peace!

Rome is in the center of Roman Empire, surrounded by the peacefully united Mediterranean area!
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Overall, Rome has greatly changed culture wise during the Pax Romana era into a more well rounded society full of the arts, new innovations, and political peace.