Art Portfolio

Autumn Fae

Artist Statement:

Art is an expression of the inner self that is rarely seen otherwise. While most people do not get to express themselves in such a way, I am lucky to have found an understanding in art. Two pieces of a puzzle clicked so long ago, and they merged into the picture they were meant to be. Art has become a part of who I am. I turn to art in my darkest moments, or the brightest days. A simple line can be as artistic as a complicated mess. Art lives around me, and opens doors others cannot see without the simple light of an artistic mind.

As an artist, I've made many decisions, changing styles and mediums as the years have passed. I've chosen whether to make a piece of art controversial or keep it innocent and light. While my subject matter has not always stayed consistent, a constant theme in my art is nature and how it is changing as time goes on. Since the environment is a strong passion of mine, this theme will most likely remain consistent in my art, yet I've become more intrigued with magical creatures recently, as well as other magical themes. I plan to combine my usual nature themes with aspects of magic floating in them.

While I originally started art drawing portraits of people with little meaning behind each piece, my art has changed drastically over time. I have become a painter and have been delving into textured pieces and sculptures. I am proud of my newer works of art, as they express who I am as a person much more than my earlier works. My art will remain a hobby, but it will always be my greatest passion.

Art can open many doors, and become many meanings. Even when you have an established view on art at any particular moment, it shifts like sand dunes, molding in new ways. Exposure can change a mountain or only move a grain, but as another semester of art has passed, my view on art has shifted. While it is and always will be my outlet to the world, it is also so much more. It is a tear drop of a broken heart. It is a wisp of wind through a dying plant. Yet, it is also the breath of life into the world.

As this semester has progressed, I have created my most original pieces of art. With my creativity over flowing into new mediums, I entered into a few art competitions. I was surprised when the results were awards. I won first prize in two local competitions, with one advancing onto the next level of the competition. My piece, Wishes on the Wind, is currently in Washington, D.C. at the international level of the Sister Cities Art competition. This has been my proudest moment and has greatly improved my resume. So, while I do not know if I will win or even be considered at internationals, I have made it to an international art show. The moment I walked into the art show for the first level of this competition, I almost cried when I saw the first place ribbon on my piece. While I wasn't proud of the art itself, I was proud of all the meaning behind each aspect. I am very thankful that while my technical skills were not shining, the thought that goes into every piece of art I produce was on display.

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