K-2 Newsletter

January 15, 2016

Hi K-2 Team!

Two very quick weeks have passed since we gathered for CPD on January 4th. Thank you for your energy and participation in all of the CPD sessions that day. We know there was A LOT that happened and we appreciate you! We have also reviewed your feedback and will use it to structure upcoming PD. Thanks for that too! You will find all the resources from CPD posted to SharePoint. The link is included below. This newsletter will provide all sorts of resources aligned to Guided Reading in an effort to continue improving our collective effort. As always, reach out if you need support.

Avis, Tiffany, and Krysten

Guided Reading Resources

There are several new resources uploaded to the Guided Reading Google Drive! This includes:

1. Soft copies of the Assessment Summary Charts.

2. The entire text of the Next Steps to Guided Reading. This will provide access for teachers who don't have a copy in their room while you secure one and is also searchable.

3. Copies of the lesson plans created during January 4th CPD.

Heggerty and Wilson Phonics Pacing

Here is the pacing for the next two weeks of school:

Week of January 18th: Week 19

Week of January 25th: Week 20

Guided Reading Tip of the Week

Do you have hitchhikers in your guided reading group? You know about hitchhikers- they are the students who read along with others so you don't really know what they are able to read independently. Here are some things to consider when supporting your hitchhikers:

1. The text might be too easy for the student. Consider increasing the level of the text.

2. Turn a student back 2-3 pages to separate them from others. Don't ever skip forward, only back, so that you do not interfere with the student constructing meaning from the text.

3. Cover a page with your hand to make them pause and slow down.

4. Directly address it with students and tell them you need to hear their mistakes.

Resources for Guided Reading Texts

One request kept coming out in your Guided Reading PD survey- the request for more texts to read with your students! Here are some suggestions for ways to access more texts:

1. Use the resources in your Primary Comprehension Toolkit Texts. Each grade level band has an entire book with 20-30 short, informational texts for students to read. Need access to these? Let Krysten know!

2. Reading A-Z access can help. You can download a limited number of books (somewhere around 15) with a free account. Individual accounts are also very affordable if you want unlimited access to the books.

3. Donors Choose is a great place to post text sets you'd like to have. Keep your requests to around $200-300 for quick turnaround!

Krysten Wendell

Director of Curriculum and Instruction