Adolf Hitler

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$10,000 Reward

  • Wanted for killing 6,000,000 Jews.
  • Violating the treaty of versailles.
  • Mass Genocide.
  • Created a Nazi Party
  • The reason for WW2

Central Beliefs

  • He thoughts Germans were superior to the rest.
  • Hitler believed that any one who was black, or asian, or anything other than white was inferior especially the Jews.
  • Concentration camps where beneficial for Jews,
  • He believed the perfect world was blue eyes, white, and blonde hair.
  • Wanted revenge on ww1 allies.
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Hitler was born on April 20 1889 and died April 30 1945. Hitler was born in Austria and became a german politcal member of the Nazi Party. Hitler was a decorated veteran of Wold War 1. In February 1938, on the advice of his newly appointed Foreign Minister Hitler ended the Sino-German alliance with the republic of china to instead enter into an alliance with Japan. Hitler violated the treaty of Versailles n re-militarized He invaded the Rhineland which was demilitarized by the terms of the Treaty. He stopped paying war reparations ordered by the Treaty.

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Concentration Camps

Germany maintained concentration Camps. After september 1939 with the beginning of the second world war concentration camps where places where millions of jews would be prisoned, tortured, and killed.
The 2 largest groups containing prisoners in the camps. the Polish and the soviet Union.

Both groups had over 1,000,000 jews each.