Gudrun Pausewang


Traitor is about an enemy. A Russian Prisoner Of War, hiding in Anna's barn. She knows hes there. But she knows that if she turns him in. He'l be shot. But if she doesn't, she could get worse than him. You will learn that in Germany, Russians are evil. German citizens are not to even speak to the Russians. Germany has an organization called "Hitlerjugend", meaning "Hitler Youth". That all German children were required to join. Where the children will go through Physical training, and political indoctrination. And are to swear on an oath.. "I promise as a member of the Hitler Youth always to do my duty with love and loyalty to the Fuhrer and flag"

Quotes and reflection.

-"And why, why on earth, was there practically no resistance from all the parents, against what the propaganda, the state education, was doing to their children:
-"i am the daughter of the abracadabra, the other kind of man"
Reflection- Traitor taches you whats its like to be a rebel, if that's the right word. It teaches you why it's important to see things through our own eyes, not others. It may not be smart to defy your country to the point where the consequences could be death. But sometimes it isnt right to follow the crowd. Germany had a very odd way of running things. They're all so focused on making the perfect country, that they forgot how to be free..
I recommend this book if you're of age to understand what was happening during that time. And if you're strong minded.