Welcome to Indigo Island

By: Haley Klees, Tianna Compton, and Bobbi Newman

Welcome to the country of Indigo

The country of Indigo is a medium sized island with about one million people. The country has mountains on the north side of the island and beaches on the south side. In Indigo, the main language is Dutch but in school the children learn English and French too. The children of Indigo have to pass high school and then go to college and get their associates degree or after high school they can join the military for at least three years. The government of Indigo provides an education for the people who can't afford it and provides all expenses after retirement for all people. The people of Indigo can also retire at a minimum age of 59. The tax rate in Indigo is 37%.

Six Freedoms

1. Have the freedom for all people to get treated equally no matter race, gender, etc.

2. Have the freedom to have and state your own opinion.

3. Have the freedom to bare arms.

4. Have the freedom to chose your own life path.

5.Have the freedom to vote for who you want in government.

6. Have the freedom to follow any religion.

Four things that are illegal

1. Non-medical drugs

2. Disobeying the laws

3. Abusing animals, people, drugs, and alcohol

4. Murdering animals, people, etc.

Type of government

Indigo has a representative democracy. The people elect politicians to represent them in government. Indigo was founded on this because it gives the people a choice of who they want in government. Representative democracy also provides the chance for the majority of citizens to veto the politicians in government. When founding our country, we examined other forms of government. Other forms of government did not work for our country because with direct democracy there are many issues that are not very clear and need to be carefully examined by knowledgeable politicians with what the benefits and losses might be. Some citizens might not possess the knowledge that these issues need to be resolved, this is why Indigo did not choose direct democracy. Indigo did also not choose a monarchy or a dictatorship because the founders of Indigo felt that the people should have a say of who is in government and who is running the country. Indigo's founders did also not choose an oligarchy or an anarchy because an oligarchy would not provide a large, diverse group to run the country which is what Indigo wants. And finally an anarchy would not be suitable for Indigo because this is just a code word for chaos which is not what Indigo wants. The President/leader of Indigo can run for a three year term and then if they get reelected it is another three year term. If the President dies during his or her term, then the Vice president will take his or her place until the next election.

Type of economy

The type of economy Indigo has is capitalism. We did not chose communism because citizens would not be able to own their own property and everything would be shared according to how the government decides. The people do not have a say in this. The government would control the economy. We also did not choose socialism because the government has a high tax rate to provide limited services for the people.

System of government

Indigo has a Federal system of government. The power is shared throughout the three branches of government (the executive branch, the legislative branch, and the judicial branch). Indigo was founded on this because the different branches allow the power to be spread throughout the government and not having all power be bestowed upon one branch.

What are some fun things to do in our country?

In Indigo there is

1.Universal Studios/Island of Adventure

2. Disney

3. Sea world

4. Boat tours of the ocean

5.Guided hiking tours throughout the mountains

6. World famous, high class restaurants

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