By: Raegen McDonald

Basic Facts.

Some get-to-know facts about Belarus is that the countries capital is Minsk. This is the flag of Belarus. This green strip represents the countries future, the red symbolizes Belarus' past and the blood of the countries defender's, and the decorative pattern symbolizes the countries rich heritage, spiritual continuity and unity of the people .


Belarus is in Europe. The countries of Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Ukraine surround Belarus.

A major physical feature of Belarus is the Dnieper River and Belarus is heavily forested. Some famous landmarks in Belarus are, Brest Fortress, Statue of Lenin, Mir Castle, Church of Saints Simon and Helena and the National Library. The major body of water is the Dnieper river.

Belarus is landlocked, so many of it's resources are imported into the country. Due to the long winters, the Belarusians have a very short crop growing season. Therefore, they do rely on their massive lake and river systems to provide fish to eat on.


Government Continued

Right's,Role's and Responsibilities

The right's, role's and responsibilities of Belarus are the same as America's but some are being taken away by the government.


Belarus is a rich nation compared to Iceland but not compared India. The money that they have is Belarusian Ruble. The main import and export is commercial farming or crops. The life expectancy of a individual is 72.3 years. The birth rate is 10.86 births/1000 population and there drinking water source is the Dnieper river and then put that water into water systems(housing) and wells.


The modern Belarusian wear's tradition Belarusian clothing. Girl's/Women wear long-sleeved dresses(usually decorative). Boy's/Men wear long pant's and long-sleeved shirts. The major languages of Belarus are Belarusian and Russia.

Some important holidays in Belarus are Labor Day, Independence of the Republic of Belarus, October Revolution Day, Women Day, and Orthodox Christmas Day.

The main religion of Belarus is Orthodox. They believe in the divinity of Christ, perfection of Jesus, sinfulness of man, Jesus's atoning work Calvary, and his death and resurrection.

A popular food in Belarus is Denki. Ingredients in a traditional Denki are 5 potatoes, 1 egg, 1 medium onion, 1/2 teaspoon of black pepper, salt to taste; sunflower oil: 7/8 table spoon.


The general weather conditions in Belarus is humid continental. The average yearly rainfall on Belarus is 600mm. Spring is the driest season. The average yearly temperature is cool-humid in the winters, warm summers. The average year round temperature is 7°C. Because of the cold climate all year round, people have a small window of opportunity to grow crops.


In 1830 to 1919, the policy of active Russification in Belarus took place. In 1941, the Nazi's invaded during the course of WWII(world war 2); and more than 100,000,000eople were killed in the occupation including many Jew's. This may effect the Belarus' human right's, role's and responsibility's.

Compare and Contrast

When comparing food in America to food in Belarus, Belarusian's like simple foods such as Denki(potato pancakes) were as American's like food's such as hamburgers usually topped with lettuce, onion, tomatoes and cheese. When comparing clothes in America to clothes in Belarus, Belarusian's wear traditional clothes with girl's/women wearing long-sleeve dresses and boy's/men wearing long pant's and long-sleeved shirts while American's wear t-shirt's and short's(girl's sometimes skirt's) in the summer and in the winter wear long-sleeved shirt's and long pant's and a coat. Talking about religious belief's, I will compare Orthodox to Baptism. A difference between Orthodox and Baptism is that the bible was created by the Lord Jesus Christ in baptism and the bible was created by Jesus and His Apostles in Orthodox. Another difference is that the Orthodox people's goals is to gain Eternal Salvation and that Baptist people's goal is to love God and obey his commandment's while creating a relationship with Jesus Christ and spreading the Gospel so that others may be saved. A similarity is that they both believe in the Resurrection of Jesus. Another similarity that they share is is that they both believe in the second coming of Jesus. Now to talk about food. While people in Belarus have beetroot soup , we have chicken soup. While they have denki (Potatoe Pancakes) we have regular pancakes. A similarity in cuisine is that most dishes include potatoes. Another similarity is that they have goulash(type of stew) and we have actual stew.