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Honeywell turbochargers Asia's largest research institution completed

In June, the largest in Asia, Honeywell turbochargers research institutions - Shanghai Global turbocharger technology center inaugurated, showing the Honeywell in the development of advanced and reliable engine technology made long-term commitment, these technologies will meet the company's global customers evolving needs. Benz Cartridge

Currently there are nearly 200 engineers and technicians in this latest Honeywell's research centers engaged in research work in the field of core projects, including the structure and material fatigue, aerodynamics, rotor dynamics, vibration, acoustics, metallurgy and product engineering . The center equipped with specialized test laboratories to carry out the turbocharger performance and reliability testing.

Although the completion of the center is just one aspect of Honeywell in China's auto business, but it is Honeywell Turbo Technologies on another milestone in the development of turbine technology. Honeywell as early as 1994 on the establishment of a turbocharger manufacturing facility in Shanghai, the plant produced about 2 million units turbochargers in the past 11 years. With the growth of China's domestic demand for trucks equipped with diesel engines, in order to meet the needs of its customers, Honeywell expects production of turbochargers will be more than 550,000 units. Toyota Cartridge

President and CEO of Honeywell Transportation Systems • Adrian Brown said: "This year is the 100th anniversary of Honeywell's first turbocharger patent birth while Honeywell advanced its global customers 50th anniversary of the automobile turbocharger solutions. in our review of these historic milestones, while Honeywell's engineers, including employees in Shanghai, has to take on the world's car manufacturers to develop a superb performance and energy efficiency solution. this will be in a turbocharger to write an important chapter in the century-old letter. "