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Joni Thomas's dōTERRA family tree

May 2013

Welcome to all!

As we are on this wonderful dōTERRA journey together, I want to support and encourage all of those who are under the canopy of our dōTERRA tree.

We are all so blessed to have each other and as we all utilize our own personal strengths may we find ways to share those strengths with each other and help those who need support regardless of rank or position on 'the family tree'.

dōTERRA is about sharing essential oils and wellness products and at the same time, providing an extraordinary business opportunity. So much goodness and definitely plenty of opportunities for personal growth and development.

I would love to be known as an organization that stands out as being extraordinarily loving and caring. Yes, the details and fine points of business matter but relationships matter more than anything, always!

From the moment that I grasped the concept of having people 'under' me- having a responsibility to lead a team- being a leader- I was unnerved. I've never thought of myself as having the ability or skill to 'lead' anyone or anything really. I knew others that I thought would make obvious and great team leaders but not me!

Well, I am here to tell you that whatever you think you aren't good at doing or whatever you think you aren't talented or gifted enough to do.... you can do! Not only can you do it but you can do it and be successful at it!

We are all here to grow together. Not one of us is better or greater than the other. We are a family and a team! Thank you for being part of the best thing that's ever happened to me and to Glyn.

So get ready and get set to G R O W big and strong. This 'can dō' team is on the move!

A big warm hug and dōTERRA lōVE to you all!!

Joni and Glyn