Golden Gate Bridge

History and the Logic.

It's as golden as the sun. Tall and dosent take anything from no one. Over 700 feet above the Pacific Ocean. No wonder why it is always photographed all the time for it gives people a glow inside. In the beginning of it all Joseph Strauss was on e of the architects. It had been built in 1933 and stands tall in San Francisco, California. It is 746 feet above the Pacific Ocean.

Next, in the history of it all we celebrate the Golden Gate Bridge by anniversary every year. It was also a affect of a economic crisis, and then still became a symbol. Over the years it has been the most suicidal location in the government records.

Then it is symbolized with great measures. It is a global icon, a triumph of engenerring, and a work of art. We all should be worthy to have it for it helps us cross. Biggest symbol in San Francisco, and is the most photographed landmark.

Also, the original design was rejected. The paint on the bridge was not suppose to be permanent. The government wanted the bridge to be painted in stripes. And had a very impressive construction record.

Finally, the Golden Gate Bridge is very famous and important to many. Symbolizes the best in San Fransisco. It is always photographed often and again helped through an economic crisis. So since it is so special, get on over there.

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