Marco Polo

Alexis Berry

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Background on the Explorer

- Polo was born and raised in the city of Venice.

- He explored from 1271 C.E.- 1295 C.E.

- He traveled to China with his father and uncle.

- The financial cost of his journey was provided

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Motivation for Exploration

- Polo comes from a family of explorers and traders.

- He was an Italian merchant and he made money off of what he was doing.

- Marco's dad, Nicolo, seemed to always be away traveling on business.


- Most say that Marco Polo chose to explore for the gold. He traveled on the silk road trading goods and got a lot of money for it and his family. Though I argue that he did it for the experience over all.

Result/ Accomplishments

- Marco Polo resulted in amazing adventures that he recorded on paper while being on his journey.

- When he returned home he brought back his stories and shared them with his family and people of the city, and the great discoveries & people he seen along the way gave the people of Venice the mindset to go and have the experience as Polo did.

- Asia population grew tremendously.