The Reporter

General Overview

Your job is to write several articles in modern day reporting style about the events of this period. Your news piece should be unembellished and should follow the pyramid style of news copy writing and reporting with a focus on the who, what, when, why, where, and how.

You will examine primary sauces and period newspapers to help you piece together your article.

Helpful Links and Information

Three basic styles for writing news stories

1. Inverted pyramid

The most important information is given first. The least important is given last.

2. Chronological story

After the lead, the facts are stated in the order in which they occurred. Select only the important facts, which is the same principle as inverted stories.

3. Composite Story

This combines two or more news events having a related reason or theme. It identifies the elements or uses a summary lead. It can be written in chronological order or in inverted pyramid style.

Tips for Writing News Stories

Present the satisfactorily.

No opinion is given unless attributed to someone,. Give attribution to the source in the first or second paragraph,. When possible, identify the source.

Maintain objectivity---use third person point of view. First person is used only I direct quotes.

Use active voice. The truck struck the dog. NOT: The dog was struck by the truck.

Use short paragraphs of seventy words or fewer. Write on only one topic or point per paragraph. Be concise. Avoid repetition ad clichés. ☹This should be easy as pie.

Place a good direct quote early in the article, preferably in the second or third paragraph. But, do not use a direct quote in the lead. Alternate paragraphs with a direct quote, an indirect quote, and a summary. Do not use direct quote after direct quote after direct quote.

Purdue OWL Overview on Writing a Newspaper Article

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