Henry Ford Paper

Ford Motor Company Founder, Inventor of the Assembly Line

Starting Small

Henry ford was born in Greenfield Michigan on July 30,1863. He left the farm in 1879 to go and work for the Michigan Car company in Detroit. In 1896 he finished building his Quadricycle and sold it for $200. He switched jobs and started working for the Detroit Automobile Company. He started racing cars on the tracks and gained himself popularity with investors. Because of this, he was able to start his third company: Ford Motor Company. (right: ford in his Quadricycle)

Ford Motor Company

In 1903 Henry Ford started his third car company: Ford Motor Company, and started selling his Model A. In 1908, Ford starts production of his Model T with the idea of the moving assembly line. In 1914, he raises the wages to $5 an hour because of all the quitting workers. In 1927 he replaced production of the Model T with his new Model A. When World War Two broke out he started building airplanes, engines, jeeps, and tanks for the military. He died at age 83 at Dearborn on April 7,1947. (right:fords model T)

Fords Impact

Ford had a huge impact on the century, not only in economics, but in proving that the American dream was real. His car was the first car to be offered to not just the rich, but also the everyday man. He turned the car into not just a luxury, but a necessity. Ford was one of the first to use the idea of a moving assembly line, and perfected it. His way of producing cars is what turned a car into a normal thing ,and to how the automobile would shape modern America. His story is one of the greatest success storied of the century, and he set the path as to how cars should be.(Right: Henry Ford)

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