Destination Imagination Update

Prior to Our First Rehearsal!

Happy New Year!

All three teams will be meeting tomorrow, Tuesday.

Science and Improv will be meeting in Room 302 from 2:40-4:00.

Fine Arts will be meeting in Room 418 from 3:45-5:00.

We are all SOOOO excited!

Appraisers Needed

We need to sign up three appraisers by January 15th. We need adults (18 or older) who are willing to volunteer on the morning of February 6th (for training) and all day on March 12th (the day of the event.)

Without three appraisers, teams can perform but they cannot compete.

Ask friends, family, neighbors, community members. It is a particularly good experience for teachers in training!

More info is available here:


During the week, teams will be communicating online. Make it a habit to check briefly each day and share something meaningful about three times a week.


Fine Arts


Science people: you need to figure out when you are going to rehearse at a time after 3:45 after the middle of January. Originally, all of you put Thursday afternoons as a good time, and we put that as our original option. However, I'm willing to accommodate any other afternoon; you just need to commit in advance to being available! Please make sure to go on the Schedule document.

Does This Describe You?

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