Long Road to Perseverance

What is perseverance?

Perseverance is what one does to become successful. So that means in order to reach your goal you have to overcome something. That could be an obstacle at school, work or just something that's in your way that's preventing you to reach your goal. Weather its overcoming an adversity like a sickness or practicing every day to get on a team. Whatever it may be that is in your way and you decide to change that then you are persevering because you decided to make a change.

Leroy and Dartanyon

Dartanyon was a street kid with no place to call home. Dartanyon also was legally blind which a struggle was for him. But fate came as he meet his partner in crime Leroy who had no lags because of a train accident. Their disabilities were a struggle but they would not let that define them as a person. Dartanyon and Leroy both loved wrestling and shared a special bond that would last a life time. When high school ended they both seemed to be pulled in different directions. For Dartanyon he would become an Olympian but for Leroy he would became a father. They both became successful indifferent ways but their story lives on day after day and their bond remains unbroken.

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In this picture it shows that leroy is hanging on dartanyons back getting ready for a wessling mach.

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Sandy Road

When going to sell their belonging or new discoveries all packed in small carts. The marches are headed for the city to do so. But what's the best way to get there? Well the sand is hot in the morning and it's cool at night. So they travel at night and the travel is fine and it goes on for days. They eat their food and drink their water. Only one more day until they will reach the city. Until they wake up to find that their lost. Someone fell asleep while directing the oxen's toward the city. Unfortunately the oxen were turned around or in a new direction because of the sleeping merchant. Lost and without water. Hungary oxen and hungry people out in the dry desert. To make things worse they are unable to make cook their food to the lack of resources and the lack of firewood they have. Thinking about yoking the oxen and heading to town, but which way? Let's go find water. During the merchants time looking for water they are faced with adversity because they now have to work for what they already had (but lost because they thought they didn't need it).Looking for a place to dig is a struggle in the hot desert but something standing tall in the light. What is it? Grass! Must be water under there “or the grass would not have been there.” Digging and digging until your back hurts. Sit down and stop is just going to make the job slower. “Don't give up! “It’s all you can say to change your mind about giving up. Digging and digging until you hit something. Water! Finding water is a good start. And finding water makes everything better. Drink and drink until you can’t drink anymore. Make sure oxen get water and they can take us further on. Oh I think I know where the city is. This way! Finally we are here. In the end they do reach their goal of making it to the city and they triumph in glory as they sell their goods. Throughout this story the marches show persistence and perseverance because even when things got tough they refused to back down.

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In this picture shows the dusty road that the merchants might have travled on.

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Jackie Robinson

One of the most famous person in baseball history and civil rights activist was Jackie Robinson. Jackie was born on January 31st in 1919. Growing up in a small town in property was not easy. With one parent (mother) and five older siblings Jackie wasn't noticed a lot. At least not until he was signed to play baseball in the major leagues. The first African American baseball player of all times! That was struggle for Jackie because he was different and people didn't like different. People would call him names and spit in his face but Jackie couldn't do anything about it. Because he didn't fight back he broke something called the color barrier which is a barrier between African Americans and Americans. He was applauded by everyone and soon entered the hall of fame. Years after his many successes he died of a heart attack.

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Now you better understand

Now you better understand that when you persevere you are changing or you are overcoming something. For example when Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier or when Leroy and Dartanyon helped each other overcome their struggles (disabilities) together. Also, when you are persevering you must "never give up" at least in Sandy Road they said that. In the article, they mentioned they never gave up even when things seemed like they were going nowhere. Therefore, even when things get tough, as long as you overcomes an obstacle that holds you back, have successfully persevered.