Christmas Party!!!

Join Me For A Christmas Party!

Food, games,gifts, and more!

The Ross Party

Wednesday, Dec. 23rd, 5-9pm

505 East Chestnut Street

Haviland, KS

Please bring one finger food snack, hot chocolate if you wish, one present, any good Christmas movies, yourself and anyone you would like to bring, and make sure you are as comfortable as can be! So if that's p.j.'s then let it be ;)

What The Night Will Consist Of

5:00-- Every one shows up and talks for a little.

5:10ish-- Get things started off with a nice classic Christmas movie.

6:45-- Eat food.

7:20-- Continue eating food while we play White Elephant.

8:00-- Nativity scene announced.

8:10-- Play card games.

8:45-- Chillax and talk

9:00-- Time to go home and sleep

Please Come!

Have a Merry Christmas and always remember that Jesus loves you!