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August 21, 2019

Principal's Message

Thank you for helping us celebrate the start of the school year with the many activities that were happening last week. On Wednesday, I saw lots of smiles as students took their pictures with Carl the Cougar or in front of the large selfie sign. The celebration continued as everyone enjoyed coffee and conversation in the cafeteria after saying good bye at the classroom door.

On Friday, it was wonderful to see everyone come together for our inaugural Alta Vista Family Picnic. Despite the hot weather, the field was filled with families and laughter. Thank you all for making this such as success.

Tonight, you'll want to join us for Back to School Night. It's a chance for you to hear more about what your child will be learning in the classroom, find out about volunteer opportunities, and learn about special events that will be happening throughout the year. New this year, the Home & School Club is opening the cafeteria at 5:30 for light refreshments and to share more about how you can be involved at school. It's an important night and we look forward to seeing you there.

Looking for dinner table conversation starter? Ask your child about today's school dance.




Join the AVHSC for light refreshments in the cafeteria to kick off the Back to School Night festivities! Visit with friends, meet new Alta Vista community members, learn about our amazing Enrichment Programs and how you can get involved at the school.


Classroom presentations in first through third grades



Principal's Welcome

Home & School Club General Meeting


Classroom presentations in fourth and fifth grades


As you know, we have changed our intermediate lunch schedule this year. Students have recess first and then eat their lunches. We made this change for a few important reasons:

  • In the past, when there was a disagreement over a game or someone's feelings were hurt, students would typically come to office for support at the end of lunch. Unfortunately, this resulted in lost time in the classroom as we worked to resolve the issues. Switching recess and eating times gives us the opportunity to sort out problems without impacting instruction.
  • The change also allows students time to relax and become more focused before heading back into the classroom. We are already seeing increased engagement and a positive impact on learning.
  • Last year, there were multiple concerns from parents about intermediate students not eating their lunches in order to get out to play as quickly as possible. Since changing times, we are seeing more students eating the delicious lunches you've prepared for them. Additionally, our primary students have a few extra minutes to eat before the older students arrive for lunch. This has been a benefit for those handful of students who need additional time.

We started out the year with students sitting at assigned tables. This allows us to set up routines and expectations that are important throughout the year. While first and second graders will continue sitting at their "teacher's table", today our intermediate students were thrilled to be able to sit at any of their grade level tables. They rose to the challenge - continuing to clean up the lunch area and be respectful to adults and peers. Seeing that they have quickly adapted to the new routines and expectations, intermediate students will continue to have the option to select their own table. Because our primary students benefit from the structure of classroom table assignments, first and second graders will continue to sit at their "teacher's table".

Parking Concerns

We have received a number of emails from neighbors reporting that their driveways are being blocked by parents who are dropping off or picking up their children. We have also seen cars parking on the wrong side of the street or double-parking, causing increased traffic congestion.

If you would like to escort your child to the classroom or meet them after school, please consider parking a few blocks away and walking onto campus. Not only is it a healthy choice, but it is also a safe choice and a kind choice.

Thank you for helping Alta Vista be a good neighbor in our community.


Coming Events - Save the Date

8/21 - Back to School Night (Details Above)

8/30 - No School (Professional Development Day)

9/2 - No School (Labor Day)

9/6 - Picture Day

9/6 - Home & School Club Movie Night

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