fitness componets poster

kennedy stephens

cardio vascular endurance

  • the ability of the circulatory system (heart to blood vessels) to supply oxygen to working muscles during exercise.
  • the picture of the girl swimming is showing cardio vascular endurance because swimming gets your blood pumping , boosts your lung capacity , raises your heart rate and burns calories.

muscular strength

  • the amount of force that can be produced by a single contraction of a muscle
  • the picture of the man doing cable chest press shows muscular strength because its showing how much weight he can press with his pectoralis muscles

muscular endurance

  • the ability of a muscle group to continue muscle movement over a length of time
  • the people pushing on the canoe shows muscular endurance because you are using your upper back and shoulder muscles


  • the range of movement possible at various joints

  • the person in the photo doing a split shows flexibility because she's forcing her legs at her hip joint to go beyond what they normally would.

body composition

  • the relative percentage of body fat compared to lean body mass (muscle bone , water, etc.).
  • the photo shows the amount of body fat a person has in their body.


  • the ability to move quickly from one point to another in a straight line
  • the person in this picture is showing speed because he is running very fast in this picture and you can see that from the blur of his body.


  • the ability of the body to change direction quickly
  • they are showing agility because they are moving quickly and easily throughout this course


  • the ability to maintain an upright posture while still or moving
  • this man is showing balance because he is standing up straight on this string without falling


  • integration with hand or foot movements with the input of the senses
  • these kids are showing coordination because they are all doing dance movements together as a group

reaction time

  • the time it takes to react and move once realize the need to move
  • this person is showing reaction time as he starts out running because when the person blows the whistle for you to go you have to start right away.


  • the ability to do strength work at an explosive pace
  • this person is showing power because he is lifting the heavy weights and has to force his arm muscles to lift and hold up the weights.